Saturday, July 20, 2013

Derf & Yrma to Norway to Celebrate Haakon's 40th Birthday: Why Do They Bother? They Only Get Shown Up By Haakon and Mette-Marit's True Love and Well-Behaved, Pretty Children

Danish sourpuss arriving!
Why do these two even bother to show up at these parties where the quasi-jet set and very gorgeous Norwegian people will be in abundance? OK, we know Freddles and Haakon are united in their Scandinavian crown princely status, and Haakon at least has made kindly overtures of friendship toward Derfie as in asking him to be his Best Man, and in trying to save him from drugs and Mary on Arctic detox adventures with Victoria. Plus, Frex loves a party and heard there would be a lot of blondes in attendance. What's Mary's motivation? Thinking that this is another chance to make the Daily Mail's website? To be a thorn in Fred's side? She's not in Mette-Marit's girls club with Marie-Chantal, Rosario de Bulgaria and Gwynnie Paltrow. Mary's friends include formerly poor and middle class holograms like Baroness Helle Reedtz-Thott who hosted the clown prince couple recently for a ballet performance at her Gavnø Castle. What a drag for all the guests to have this Danish sourpuss show up and expect to be entertained, then retreat to the corner to pout alone when no one will talk to her. Sigh. It's so hard being Mary.
Plus, Madam must be really taken back by the authentic and spontaneous displays of love and affection showed by Haakon and Mette-Marit. This ain't faked! That love clearly extends to their children, including the very tall and handsome Marius, who seem calm and non-anxious. And how adorable is Ingrid Alexandra who gave an impressive and cute speech to kick off Haakon Fest 2013. At the end, she says a line in English that is well-pronounced and accented in such a way that proves that she's knowledgeable in English. Telling that Xian and Izzy weren't invited; guess they're all not actually so close at all.

Can't fake this. Get a room, you crazy kids!

Video of Ingrid Alexandra's bilingual speech: VG

Also a highlight of Haakon's 40th birthday is a film that was released today. Haakon is interviewed by a Norwegian journalist about his age, and they talk on the front steps of the palace, they travel to Haakon's military barracks, and to California where Haakon goes surfing in Santa Cruz, gets stopped by a cop for speeding, and has trouble finding the house he lived in while at Berkeley. They also interview Victoria and Frederik. As Scandinavians do, everyone spoke their own language and they all understood each other. Except you wonder if the Norwegian interviewer understood Frederik at all. Our boy isn't the most articulate person in Denmark and Danes sometimes have trouble understanding him! Toward the end is wonderful footage of the king, Haakon and Ingrid Alexandra touring the official rooms at the royal palace and the older men talking to the young girl about their family business. (Although bright and articulate, someone needs to get IA into ballet and/or comportment classes, that inverted duck walk does nothing for her appeal.)

Video of Haakon's 40th birthday film "On the Road to a Reign": NRK

Derf on the far right

You can tell it's Fred from the French flag on the sleeve...

...and the hand that's about to go down his pants

Martha Louise, her youngest daughter and Constantijn on the far right

Cute play between Constantijn and ML's little one

Uncle Constantijn clearly has a nice relationship with ML from her Netherlands days
King Harald and Willem Alexander
Prince Jaime of Bourbon-Parma
Sisters in law who really like each other!
Hurry Fred! Shows starting!

Gotta get away from Madam (far left)

And find that blonde!

ML made a very loving and emotional speech for her brother
FASCINATING segment as Fred and Mary come toward the stage from separate directions, Mary chomping on food or cleaning her teeth with her tongue. No wonder Fred's done with Mary - she is seriously mentally ill, going between looking for cameras, and using her social Tourette's. What an embarrassment. No wonder Maxima was standing half a mile away!
Mary and her jowls enter from the right, while Fred notices the blonde with a bare shoulder
Mary's approaching, but Fred is oblivious to all but Miss Blondine
Mary makes her move toward a smiling Fred engaged with pretty blondes

Fred notices the circling shark, his smile disappears

Mary looks back to the cameras, Fred seems to plead with MM to help

Fred moves very far over to the right

Mary catches up to him and bizarrely wraps him in a blanket

Fred manages to fling off the blanket and stay calm to diffuse his strange wife.
No wonder Maxima decided to stand so far away from the Danes!
"I'll find Maxima. If Fred won't talk to me, I'll make her!" 

This is a family.

Photos: NRK


  1. Haakon and MM look like a wonderful, loving happy and fun couple with a gorgeous family to boot. Such a joy to watch. Fred and Mary on the other hand are strange - my perception of the dynamics between these two is that Fred just tolerates her, while she plays Mummy wrapping him in a blanket etc, holding onto the relationship for dear life. He is quite content to not be in her company and she knows it. Their own inadequacies in terms of their relationship must really be felt when in Haakon and MM's presence. But IMO they will continue on like this - Mary will never leave the marriage regardless of the circumstances and Fred is not strong enough to do so. Quite pathetic really.

    1. Nonsense! I guess we´re talking about totally different persons?! The danish people got a beautiful, hard working Crown Princess who deserves all credits.
      How can one, who doesn´t know someone personally, be so mean?! Don´t you feel ashamed and embarresed about yourself?

  2. So many signs of the Danish Clown Prince couple looking so in love in their fairytale marriage....NOT.

  3. Mary is so weird and insecure. They should have brought the children at least the oldest two because there were kids there and it would be something for Mary to be distracted. They are probably embarrassed by their children's bad manners. Fred is definitely done with her I agree.

  4. That shot showing Fred's true colour when he saw his bizarre bogan approaching and interrupting his pleasant conversation with others is priceless. He just loathes her. That arrogant creature as usual is socially isolated by other guests due to her poor social skills and 'better-than-you' attitude.

  5. In that second to last picture, I finally saw Mary in her bug sunnies marching off in a storm. Look at Ari Behn over on the far left side. He seems pretty amused by it all! Mary can really make a stupid scene, can't she? Looker Me!!!

  6. Waiting with bated breath for your Grasten commentary ...!

  7. This whole thing is so sad and bizarre. Can you see these two staying together another thirty years?
    However in Mary's defence that poor soul has to wake up every day facing the prospect of having to deal with the lazy shiftless Fred. His parents at least have other avocations but the ambition gene apparently skipped him. Due to his brothers disasterous and costly divorce Mares had to sign an ammended prenup whereby she gets next to nothing, and he gets total custody of the kids.
    As Grandpa used to say, When you marry for money, you earn it. Watch out Middleton

  8. Cece, I so look forward to new posts from you, they seem to out do them self in Graasten and LEGO land ;-) love your blog, so brillant, have Nice summer!

  9. look at me