Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bien Joué!: Schackenborg En Famille à Cayx: No Calling the Paps Then Pretending To Have Privacy Invaded: This is What a Normal, Happy Family Looks Like

Quelle minette!
Oh, the Schackenborg famille is so lovely to see. They jetted to Nice in mid-July to partake in some French vacances. Perhaps they spent the first part of their holiday in Provence up near Maman's chateau between Avignon and Pont du Gard. Then back to Nice to pick up Nikolai and Felix? Then off with la famille au grand complet to the Chateau de Cayx where they posed casually for the annual photo session they so graciously give every year. Yrma and Derf don't normally give photo sessions to the press while they are at Cayx, a strange phenomenon considering Madam's publicity whoring, but perhaps the French environs are enough to remind Madam that she isn't quite up to snuff. Maybe one's photo is uglier when one is in a country whose language one doesn't speak.
Vive les Schackenborg!

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