Thursday, July 14, 2011

Billed Bladet #26: To Graasten or Not To Graasten

So BB is definitely trying to play both to Team Daisy and to Team Mary by whitewashing whatever nonsense is going on in the palace corridors. First, there is the report that the Crown Prince and Crown Princess will not be reporting to Graasten this year for the annual summer holiday of the Danish royal family. But since the person who dropped that bomb was Trine Villemann who wrote the scathing book "1015 Copenhagen K" on the inner workings and machinations of the royals, you can bet that Mary will do her best to be in Graasten if only to prove Trine wrong. Ironic considering that Mary came out of Trine's book looking the best of the bunch! So, BB doesn't confirm Fred and Mary's presence, but does imply that the whole family will be together at Farmor Daisy's. Again, very funny since Graasten was given to Fred! Mary must be pretty mad and still resentful of the cold shoulder she got last year after announcing a twins pregnancy on the same day as Rosenborg cousin Countess Ruth's funeral.

Richard and Ingrid's expressions say it all - get me outta here!

Photos from over the most recent summers of the Graasten crew.

The week's fashion awards go to Princess Marie and The Duchess of Cambridge! Mary who?

Daisy continues to exercise her artistic talents by designing and watercolouring costumes for The Nutcracker for the Royal Danish Ballet. Is Mary's hobby of shopping going to be fulfilling enough to carry her into old age and earn her the respect of her countrymen and women? Mary has no culture. Even Fred has an artistic sensibility, being into design, art and theatre.

No Mary in the Royal Mailbag. No appearance in Style Finder or Bubbles, either. She's quite a bore, that Australian bogan.

Love the headline! "Mary: I'm a Simpleton". BB is very sly! Note how Mary's sheer shirt is poofing out of her trousers gap, exposing plumber's crack. (A dangerous thing, given how Mary's masculine build could lead to people confusing her with those who practice the manual labour arts.) Note how the Duchess of Cambridge manages never to allow this to happen, wearing clothing that won't broker such unattractive gaps.

Beautiful Frex Ex Katja Storkholm is still looking hot and sexy as she attended a young lady's confirmation party in a cute little black dress from Chanel and a funky jacket from the Spanish island of Mallorca. Very boho-aristocratic sartorial touches blending the high brow with the ethnic, and attending the party of a new Lutheran - how royal! Queen Ingrid is smiling from above.

Darling Princess Marie has passed the final exam for being a volunteer rescue worker! She had to scale down 5 floors of a building in pouring rain. That's quite a fearless feat! Way to go, Marie!

Princess Madeleine is still dating Chris O'Neill. They are, after all, the only two people in Manhattan who still smoke. Process of elimination, eh?

BB is gearing up for the successful North American tour of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. BB's thirst needs quenching since Dumblederf and Morey Antoinette have failed to garner any attention during their visits to the US and Canada for the Olympics.

Billed Bladet never had much fun at all with the ugly Donaldson sisters and their roughly mannered, media-shy brother, so they are in seventh heaven telling you all about Britain's most eligible lady, Pippa Middleton, and how she's so self-assured and walking in her older sister's footsteps.

A terrific aerial view of Monaco with the key wedding locations highlighted. Mary and Fred stayed at the Hotel de Paris and the Friday night cocktail party for the royals was held at the Hermitage Hotel.

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