Monday, July 11, 2011

Duchess Delights Danes!

The Duchess of Cambridge is delighting the Danish press who seem to be waking from a fog about what a princess (and a prince for that matter) should be, having been put under a spell by the grey men at Amalienborg, with help from JJ Films, cousin Etienne de Monpezat via Point de Vue magazine, assorted aristo friends with clearance for flattering & pithy remarks, Billed Bladet and the makers of Photoshop, as to what future monarchs should be like.

Leading pro-monarchy broadsheet Berlingske Tidende has this photo series on Catherine and William showing them on their North American tour from this past week and a half.

The bottom line: look out, Mary! Kate is showing the Danes what they have always missed out on: a sweet crown princess who loves and cares about her husband, a crown prince who genuinely loves his wife, two people who are in sync with each other. Kate is a natural with children, interested in the people and the places she visits and despite being away from home for nearly a fortnight with a non-stop programme, she doesn't show boredom or fatigue. Kate seems genuinely interested in the relationships she is building and letting everyone know how pleased she is to be in their country and take part in their activities and traditions. Yes, it's a thankless "sois belle et tais-toi" role, but she makes it look effortless and leaves everyone she meets dazzled by her poise and grace.

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