Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mary, Christian & Isabella at the Circus

Her og Nu has this photo gallery of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark with her two oldest kids at the Circus Summarum 8 July 2011. Izzy's clubfoot looks healed, which is reassuring. Thanks to those nannies! And since cameras are around, Mary's legs have appeared, her skirt has gone upsie do - woo!, and the overdone smile is plastered on her head. Internal monologue is frenetic, don't you know, making sure Mary is all flattering angles and sucked in jowls. Now, if she could just convince one of the nannies to follow her around with a wind machine for that sexy, cover girl vibe.

Mary's narcissism and internal stress are so reliable and are turned on and off interchangeably depending on the presence of cameras. Exhibit A: Mary doesn't see cameras: Ouch! Poor Izzy's wrist and the child who has earned her wrath!

Exhibit B: Mary knows the cameras are there! "See, I'm so overjoyed by the presence of happiness in my children's eyes! It makes me slimmer, more beautiful, motherly, Diana-like."

OMG, Trine Villemann has come to kidnap Izzy! Yay! Run, girls, run back to Greece where Izzy can grow up in the warm sun and no where near her Sluuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrpppppppson rellos!

Never mind, that's not Trine. That's Julie Mølsgaard, Fred's fat, single friend who went on the Mediterranean yacht cruise with them a few years ago. Just like Mary to arrange a photo shoot and bring along the ugly chick to ensure all attention goes to Mary Antoinette herself!

Too bad about that Christian kid.

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