Thursday, June 30, 2011

Billed Bladet#24: Daisy and the British Royals Take Over

Look out, Mary! You've got competition in the sugar press! Even Danish royal stalwart Billed Bladet is getting very bored by reporting your tiny, itty bitty comings and goings. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is like a Chinese dinner in a restaurant that hasn't passed its inspection: kind of unappetising, unsatisfying and unfulfilling.

So, let's get the Mary part of this show over with, BB's found bigger fish to fry. Mary dragged Fred to the Australian ambassador's residence to pick up a fresh bag of freebies for the turkey baster twins. Even Fred looks embarrassed by the pretense of this event!

It looks like her necklace might be an opal teardrop entrapped by four pink and blue teardrops representing her children. Could Mary be more self-aware of her Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy than originally thought?

The week's fashion goes to Daisy, resplendent in the dress she wore to Marie's wedding repeated in New York City, and the Duchess of Cambridge gets a nod for the week's royal hat. Look out Mary! Kate's charmed the Danes better than you have and she's only been married two months!

Daisy may not have taken America by storm, but she had a lovely, dignified visit with high profile meetings and events that Mary and Fred could only dream about. Here she had coffee with Michelle Obama in the very elegant private quarters of the White House. BB had the exclusive on photos because no one else cared.

BB's reporter must have bought Daisy a bouquet, because after her coffee with Mrs. Obama, Daisy was given a tour of the White House's public rooms. The White House wouldn't have offered a bouquet!

While in the District of Columbia, Daisy visited the Royal Ballet at the Kennedy Centre with the widow of Senator Ted Kennedy, patriarch of "America's royal family". She visited the Library of Congress, toured the Capitol with the Danish-American Representative Steny Hoyer, attended a party at the Danish ambassador's residence and saw noted pieces of art at the Philips Collection.

In New York City, Daisy toured the United Nations with Ban-Ki Moon, presented design prizes to Danes at the Museum of Modern Art, toured Lincoln Centre with a private concert, celebrated Henrik's birthday and visited the Georg Jensen shop for a private party and tour. She stayed at the Carlyle during her visit.

Surely pleasing to the very maritime royal couple, the Danish firm Vestas had rented the US Presidential yacht The Sequoia, for a lunch and a press conference.

While in Manhattan, Daisy was feted as the Danish American Society's Person of the Year. A dinner dance was given at the Museum of Natural History. Also in attendence: Prince Philippos of Greece.

Some of the guests, including PR flunkie Lene Balleby in light blue.

As part of the "Greenland Accord" between him and his darling Mor Daisy, Freddles went off to Japan by himself to offer support and supplies to those affected by the recent earthquake & tsunami. He was also granted an audience with the Emperor and Empress and Crown Prince.

Another possibility as to why Mary and Fred named little Princent, Vincent. The son of Rigmor Zobel's sister Sarah has this name. Father Alexander Kølpin owns a trendy nightspot on the northern Zealand coast where Mary and Fred partied last year. Alexander and Sarah were in Cannes a couple of years ago during the Mary and Fred Mediterranean tour.

Alex and her boys recently visited the Odense zoo and obliged a photographer with some family shots. She does handle the press interest in her family very well.

Philip: "There's no Carl Gustaf here, right?"
Alex's dancer: "I wanna go home and play with Nikolai"
Daniel: "Don't you think that there are enough goats in the family already?"
Fred: "He didn't drill at all"
Daisy: "Izzy did that one"

Must be a slow month for Marianne Dulong, because for the millionth time, here is Mary wearing a pair of Dulong earrings with 18k gold and Tahitian pearls. Snore. For regular mortals who don't get freebies, these would set you back 15,000 kroner!

Interesting item in Royal Mailbag considering the rumours that Mary substitutes paste for the gems in her jewelry. BB reports that most of Daisy's bling cannot be inherited. So no worries that the Donaldson clan will sell off the nation's jewel patrimony! Also a "Did you know" anecdote about Mary: that she was a chatterbox at school so much so that a Physics teacher bopped her over the head once. The next class, all the students "showed support for Mary" (more like just had a fun time taking the piss out of a teacher) and had helmets on their heads. Compare the two photos of Mary on this page: one of her chunky and make-up less, the other with her squinty eyes and air machine. Which witch is the better witch?

Kate and Pippa get a mention in Royal Roundup, as do Princess Eugenie, King Juan Carlos and the Belgian Crown Princely couple at Mathilde's sister's wedding.

Presenting BB's new, international superstar: The Duchess of Cambridge! Kate looks fantastic in this pale pink, shimmering evening dress. Poor Marie-Chantal was caught in a breeze accentuating her Spanx.

Mary who?

Britain's Prince Philip turns 90.

In the run-up to Princess Nathalie's wedding to Alexander Johannsmann in Berleburg, BB talks about how she will wear her grandmother Ingrid's veil, the same one that Mary wore on her wedding day. Hopefully it will look much better on Nathalie than on Mary!

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