Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crown Prince Frederik on CNN

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark continues his association with sexual freaks and convicted druggies by allowing Richard Quest of CNN to interview him. The subject was the energy improvements that were included in the restauration of the Frederik VII Palace at Amalienborg. Quest is a hyperkinetic, gaughe & ill-mannered interviewer, yet Freddles goes Beta Man on him, spreading his legs in the standing position and fiddling with his wedding ring. Much to Crown Princess Mary's disappointment, she is not shown in the video, although at the end, like an animal smelling blood, you can detect her white flats as she tries to use Ziggy as a reason to barge in on the cameras. No international audience for you, Mares! Even Richard Quest knows a bogan when he sees one!


1 comment:

  1. Poor Mares. Left out (or on the cutting-room floor at CNN). They still have no furniture for their palace, and it was funny when the reporter made the comment about the lack of furniture