Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Daisy in DC: Queen Margrethe's Visit to the US, Day Two

**As always, click on all photos for larger versions**

Wednesday, June 8 was Day Two of Daisy and Henrik's US visit. (More high-quality Day One photos can be found here.) House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer greeted the royal couple at the US Capitol for a tour. Later the couple were welcomed to the White House in the morning by First Lady Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama (in a smart Tracy Feith dress) hosted the royal couple for a half-hour visit over coffee in the Yellow Oval Room, a smartly-appointed space that surely delighted Daisy who loves to blend new paintings (including her own) and more traditional furniture. In the top photo you can see the brilliant Richard Diebenkorn's Berkeley No. 52.

White House Flickr stream with a high quality photo of Daisy and Michelle:

Afterwards, there was a press conference on board the USS Sequoia where yesterday's Vestas-sponsored lunch was held. Daisy refused to speak to the problems that her cousin King Carl XVI Gustav is encountering in Sweden. Henrik complained about the heat and the health risk of going between the cold air conditioned interiors and the sunny, hot outdoors.

Subsequently lunch was at the Phillips Collection, a fantastic modern art museum. The rest of the afternoon was free, and the evening dinner was at the Ambassador's residence. Tomorrow, the royal couple travel to New York City.


  1. So the 'minders' have given up sending the inferior incubator of potential welfare clients + loose canon husband off to far flung places to represent the kingdom. A desperate move when they have to dig up the Daisy to do the dirty work instead of sending the self proclaimed 'moderniser' of the monarchy!

  2. That's right, lupina. Let the pros do it seems to be the overriding consensus among the grey men. We are exactly one year from the Countess of Monpezat's hillbilly Jackie Kennedy impression. Must erase the embarrassing memories. Better have a woman do some representing who wears practical shoes and whose covered up knobby knees are a million times more graceful than Madam's bunion-covered, shoe-losing, showgirl antics. Also, Daisy can be counted on not to skip appointments in order to run off to the closest JCrew outlet store for mustard coloured clam diggers.