Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tillykke med fødselsdagen, Frederik!

Happy 43rd Birthday, Freddles! Hopefully your visit to Mozambique these last three days have been fulfilling and restful being away from home and the trouble it causes you. Hopefully the recent "Greenland Accord" with Mor Daisy has helped given you a reason to continue living and to see a brighter future for yourself!

Both BT and Berlingske have the same gallery of 43 photos to celebrate. A special highlight is that so many of the photos feature a good number of his ex-girlfriends, so even BT is riding the Anybody But Mary bandwagon! There are even a few choice early Mary shots, just for effect. But the two photos of Fred and Crown Princess Katja are very telling: they are clearly in love, tuned into each other physically, and Katja is displaying the very telling flush of true, deep, romantic and sexually satisfying love.

Another BT gallery shows us Fred's more, er, "professional" life and work. It's not too impressive.

Berlingske has this gallery of the "throne followers", as everyone in line for the Danish throne is called. Publishing such a photo display reminds us of the attractiveness of the Schackenborg branch, with the subtle reminder that they are just as capable of inheriting the Danish crown in case the Boganborg line isn't up to snuff. Of course, Our Izzy puts up a formidable challenge to her constipated brother and gorgeous cousins, but one might anticipate that our girl would rather a happy life of anonymity away from the very environment that suppresses her lively nature.

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