Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Seven Year Itch!

Hey, Mary! 80s New Wave music called. They want their shoes back.

So the grey men at Amalienborg thought it would be a good idea to send Mary and Crown Prince Frederik out for a romantic anniversary dinner to celebrate their seven strange years together. You know, to balance out the Fred-groping-a-young-blonde-in-a-disco video that was leaked right before the christening of the miracle twins. You know, because we've never seen them go out for their anniversary before (although there were rumours of a dinner at Noma a couple of years ago). You know, totally normal and all.

Crown Princess Mary, never one to miss a moment, places a call to her PR person and the only press that shows up is the anti-DRF Ekstra Bladet. Oops. Fred looks surprised to see them (and, as usual, not interested in being gallant with his wife) and Mary looks ready for whomever it is, even EB. Too bad that the resto Fred or the staff chose was a local Vietnamese dive, not the most romantic of places for an anniversary dinner, especially for two people whose "love" was recently manifest in the lives of two cute twin babies cough**turkey baster**cough. No private salon at the Hotel d'Angleterre, no special table at either a 5-star restaurant or at a dimly-lit, intimate, upscale cafe. Nope, a crowded, ethnic hole in the wall in a hip neighborhood is all Mary gets.

Video from Ekstra Bladet


  1. You must have the most perfect life to judge others so.

    You also seem to think that all anniversaries should be the same. I guess people cannot be individuals.

    Are you even in a relationship in the first place? and is it perfect? I don't think so, because people that are generally happy don't spout the tripe about others like you do.

    Hurrah to you and your fans for being so perfect and full of judgement.

  2. !! With that footgear they wouldn't let her in any where else!

  3. first of all thanks for your blog - it is hilarious-loveit, loveit, loveit :-).
    About the restaurant - kind of glad they did not go for the expensive place - it is after all OUR MONEY they are spending :-))!