Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy 40th Birthday, Maxima!

The glamourous, fabulous Princess Maxima of The Netherlands celebrated her 40th birthday with a musical concert at Amsterdam's Concertgebouw in the company of many of her family, friends, royal colleagues and co-workers from her many professional affiliations and with the full support of her loving husband and proud mother-in-law, the queen. Such a dignified, inclusive and elegant way to celebrate a major life milestone! What a contrast to Freddles' 40th with nobody but friends and a few fellow royals, most of whom were close cousins and whose entertainment came from his guy friends forming a drunken boy band, Amber Petty sneaking ciggies with Daisy then blabbing about it on live national radio, and Amber and Mary air guitaring for five hours straight, all while angering the neighbours at Fredensborg who were kept awake all night by the music.

In true fashion - and perhaps with new orders from Mary's new PR firm McCann-Copenhagen - the Danish media is rising to the daunting challenge of trying to convince you that Mary outshined Maxima (photographic proof of the opposite be damned). Because, of course, it must be a contest, and Our Mary must win. BT tries this act with a gallery of photos from Friday night in Amsterdam that ironically have Mary in very grainy shots combined with beautiful clear ones of Maxima and others. Check out beautiful Mama Zorreguieta - the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Mary is wearing the weird, too-short yarn dress by Lithuanian designer Juozas Statkevicius that she wore to Freddie's 40th birthday boat tour.

Mary naturally retreats into standard royal gathering territory: she disappears in an unflattering dress, pasty skin, no sex appeal and a frozen face and self-conscious appearance, alienating everyone around her. The only time she comes alive is when it's time to make fun of another girl who has a minor, inconsequential adjustment to her clothing. Poor Mathilde, the best dressed of the night, seems to be wrapping her train behind her for the group shot and Mary has completely ignored the formal pose to look down the way and laugh at her over poor Guillaume who is not taking the bait! The poor Aga Khan, distinguished and erudite leader of the world's Ismaili muslims, patron of architecture, Paris-based leader in international horse racing - could he be more bored and slightly scared by his neighbour in the theatre, Mary, who in true beta fashion has to look across him at how Maxima is taking in the attention given to her? Take a look at this video from the theatre. You can see Mary making mental notes about her own Evita-like 40th birthday party next year - if she's dumb enough to make the Danes spot her one!

How can you not love Maxima? She is loved, loving, fun, vibrant, unselfconscious, unafraid, caring toward people close to her, aware that she owes her fabulous life to her husband and most of all - she OWNS it. Happy Birthday!

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