Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Amber was beaten by a boyfriend

Amber Petty has recently opened up about having been beaten by an ex-boyfriend in an article that appears here in MSN Starlounge from this week's Her & Nu. Billed Bladet and BT have also picked up the story.

From the first time her boyfriend poured hot wax in her eyes, Amber Petty knew that she had to leave him. At that time, their relationship evolved into an orgy of violence, where often she got blamed for her beatings.

"I feared that people would judge me, so I kept the secret of his terror inside me for too long," says Amber, according to weekly magazine Her & Nu.

"My boyfriend told me that he had been beaten from the age of three by one of his many stepfathers. And it was probably in thinking about the little boy who did this that I didn't get out of the situation quickly."

"I though he was the man who should protect me and watch me. It was the same excuse for him every time: 'You just can't help but be a bitch' or 'You pushed first'."

Amber doesn't identify the violent boyfriend, but her close friend, Princess Mary, probably knows who he is.

Through the Mary Fund, she has highlighted the issue of battered women, and when the crisis centre Dannerhuset reopened after a renovation in 2008, Mary talked about her personal experiences with violent men.

At the opening, Mary told Her & Nu that she had not been subjected herself to violence from a boyfriend, but that she 'knew someone who has lived with violence.'

Amber Petty, who recently celebrated her 40th birthday with, among others, Princess Mary, has promised herself that she would never tolerate a violent boyfriend again.

And she is urging others to get out of violent situations.

"I say to you who may live with violence, women and men: it never stops. It just gets worse. And one day you'll be sitting in a wheelchair, scarred for life, maybe blind. Forget that you're embarrassed about your situation, forget what others think. It will not save your life and health."

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