Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TV Baroness not divorced but pregnant with another man's baby

Keeping it classy. Billed Bladet reports that Caroline Fleming's divorce from James Bond heir Rory Fleming is not final. Despite what is written here, nowhere has a wedding with Bendtner been offically publicised.

The baroness and football player Nicklas Bendtner have to wait for the wedding - she is not legally divorced.

Everything should be happy for the engaged celebrity couple who have known each other since the summer of 2009, and everyone had indeed looked forward to an impending wedding.

However, it seems that Caroline and Nicklas have to wait a little longer than planned to have their wedding.

Last week Se og Hør revealed to Caroline that her divorce from her former husband, the English billionaire Rory Fleming, has not yet been finalised and the shock hasn't yet subsided.

Caroline's family is apparently just as surprised at the lack of divorce, like most, and Caroline's great-uncle says to BT:

"It surprises me really much that they are still married. We were then not in our wildest dreams imagined that they were not divorced?"

According BT, one of the reasons for the lack of divorce is problems with the official documents.

British family court has issued a 'Decree nisi' giving Caroline right to be divorced.

Neither Rory or Caroline has 'sealed divorce papers' with their signature. Only when this has happened, can a new document - Decree absolute - be issued, which permanently dissolves their marriage.

Until this is formally in place, Nicklas Bendtner patiently waiting to get his beloved Caroline as his wife.



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