Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Annual Gråsten photo call

A slide show can be seen here from Berlingske on the annual photo call the Danish royal family allows as they gather at Queen Ingrid's former summer home (now officially in the hands of Crown Prince Frederik) for a few weeks. The sixth photo in shows a distinct look of pride on Daisy's face toward Marie and Henrik.

There are articles in Jyllands Posten about how Fred has grown a beard for summer and one in BT trying to only notice Fred's beard and Joachim in espadrilles both of which indicate a deliberate decision to ignore the elephant on the steps - the sad state of affairs between Fred and Mary! Berlingske also seems preoccupied with the espadrilles - too foo-foo French for those manly Danish editors? - and the less-than-full beard.

The Schackenborg family (without Nikolai and Felix who are with their mother after time spent in Cayx with their father) look happy and relaxed. Lille prins Henrik is engaged with the world around him and obviously curious, hence his sometimes perplexed expressions. Marie looks less orange than the other day in Tønder when she and Joachim greeted Daisy and Henrik on an official visit to their hometown. A visit which makes you wonder if Daisy is signaling changes.

My god, could the Kancellihuset family look any worse? Xian Beelzebub looks stoned, and is that a Professor Half-Mast Sluuuuuurrrrpson face, or what!?

Izzy is dressed in oversized togs that she clearly finds overbearing and no one cared enough to run a hot iron over her top - then again, Mary may have tried with her in it!

Fred's faux-macho lumberjack shirt and beard can't hide the fact that he looks like a bundle of emotions dressed in a tight wrapping of depression on his newly fat frame - he looks like Popeye in pants so large, cinched with a belt he gives the impression of still being thin. Uh-uh. Hell, even Mary looks depressed, though not surgically enhanced - speculated because of her long holidays without work engagements. There is a gap larger than the Grand Canyon in those arm in arm shots, they don't even look at each other or engage at all. It's as if they've been told to pretend they like each other by Lene or Daisy.

The Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth clan look summery. Note that Jefferson's pants seem a little large - he may have lost some weight. Good for him. Perhaps Gustav will become inspired? Pretty orange dress on Alexandra and their kids look normal. Carina Axelsson seems to be making lots of goog-ly eyes at the cameras as well as the baby. Longing? Or trying to connect more with the real royals? Her behaviour at recent royal events showed that she'll schmooze with anyone without an introduction. Not how it's done in those circles. This isn't a backyard barbeque! Their faces here are aimed at Mary - wonder what awful thing she did based on their expressions!?

OK, Benedikte, time to get back to Berleburg and help Nathalie with little Konstantin Gustav Heinrich Richard!


  1. Fred and Mary and their kids are so depressing in these pics. Fred looks fat and tired, Mary looks exhausted and sad, Christian looks strange and poor little Iz looks like a child from a gypsy caravan in those clothes that are too big for her. Why is it that everytime F&M and kids take pictures as a family, the result is always depressing? Their winter photoshoots are always miserable looking and they are bringing down the mood in today's pics.

  2. You are so right Pixiecat. Without "confused" Frederick, icy-eyed Xian and sullen Mary, this would be a photo of a family delighted in each other's company in the sun. You can just see the thought-bubbles, hey. "We godda get through ten minutes of this, but we get 10 million kroner for it".

  3. O gawd, but that pss. Alexandra is FFFFF-ugly.