Thursday, July 29, 2010

Prince Henrik aims his bow

Prince Henrik practicing for use on one of his daughters-in-law?

Royal Couple visited Thursday Ribe, which put its 1300 year history forward. The Prince Consort was also tested in his skills as an archer.

Thursday, Denmark's oldest town, Ribe, was in a festive mood since the royal couple came to visit. The royal visit was dominated by the city's 1300 year anniversary in 2010. Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik both saw relics from the past in various parts of the city and met with it in its present form through the pair's visit to Ribe Viking Centre, which is a live-action Viking village.

You could see Prince Henrik testing his skills as an archer, and they're apparently quite good. After a brief introduction to the long arc, the Prince Consort was able to hunt deer with an arrow - but it was only an accessory fawn and therefore very grateful and still prey. The Prince Consort was able, however, to take home an arch made of yew, so he can train in the royal forests.

The Prince Consort was also at a display of hunting with birds of prey and could post even wearing a falcon on his arm for a meeting with the Queen, who in the meanwhile took a look at jewelry and glass art in the living Viking village.

The day ended with a festive worship in Ribe cathedral before the royal couple returned to Gråsten Castle, where they're spending summer holidays.

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