Saturday, July 24, 2010

Danish summer jet-set

Coutesy of machalina at Royal Dish, this article in Berlinske talks about the newest thing in Danish summer staples: paparazzi hunts for the well known along the coastline of Denmark. Fred, Mary, Caroline Fleming and Rigmor (Zobel) are all mentioned together, which does Fred and Mary no favours, although Fred and Mary and not been spotted with Rigmor. By now Mary would be careful to still be linked to the cocaine queen after her boneheaded attendance at a dinner for Rigmor earlier this year. The article says that Fred (only mentions 'the Crown Prince') is apparently now at Trend, the royal hunting lodge on Jutland, a place the Kancellihuset family visited last year as well and the location of at least one of Christian's birthdays. So, if it's just Fred there, where's Mary?

The celebrity chasers talk about the parking lot at hot spot Ruth's as being as full of expensive cars as any place in Beverly Hills. Whither a normal Denmark?! On the same page, there is a link to the daily blog reports from Skagen, the Danish Hamptons. Has Mary wrought all of this A-list scene, showy crap? Something tells us, if she were molded more in the style of The Princess Royal in the UK, I don't think this Danish jet set scene would be quite the same. Mary has explicitly endorsed materialism and personality reinvention as acceptable.


  1. The death of Countess Ruth should smoke Mary out ... unless she is lying in the recovery room post a chin-lift and some hardcore filler in Singapore!

  2. I agree, Hester. Ruth is big leagues, old school royalty. All Scandie monarchies will send people and there may even be representation from the Belgians and Luxembourgs because of those families' Swedish connection. They're all so intertwined! If Mary isn't there and Fred and the Schackenborgs are, I think plastic surgery is fair game as Mary's current activity.

    Let's hope we get a good look at her face at the Graasten photo shoot soon. And that harsh Greek sun will expose scars, lumpiness and skin pulls, so let's hope sister got herself a good plastic surgeon like the guy who worked on her nose before and NOT Robert Redford's eye guy. Dear!