Monday, February 28, 2011

Billed Bladet #7: Skinny Mary, Haggard Fred

"Mary Skinny Again!" screams the headlines. That must make Mary very happy. She and the older royal gargoyles got a little "cosy family" photo time (spontaneously, of course) to bounce Marie out of the sugar press headlines. Fiche-moi la paix, eh, Marie! BB gets the last laugh with a shot of Mary showing the results of three pregnancies: perpetual bladder problems!

Meanwhile, Marie gets top honours with her chic blue suit from the 350th anniversary celebration of the Supreme Court that was held at the University of Copenhagen.

The whole family except for the birthing icon, were in full force at the Supreme Court to celebrate the 350th anniversary of this illustrious institution.

Daisy and the Dictator! At least this one wasn't given Ceausescu's elephant! That one went to Mary! Seems oddly a propos that the Danish government sent Daisy to hang out in a murderous dictator's country for a few days of Danish-Bahraini diplomacy. That's the kind of government that would allow a non-Danish speaking woman with no genuine interest in your country full citizenship and a free ride with positive publicity in the "free" press.

Daisy at a gallery, and news that the Jørgensen family will be making another film about her for the 40th anniversary of her ascension to the throne next year. What tales will they spin this time? What faux-interest, cocked head interview pose will Mary offer? Stay tuned! This should air next January.

A note about Daisy and her artistic ability. Sly way to underscore the actual talents of the monarch as opposed to the lack thereof in the wife of her heir.

As if we didn't know that practically all of Mary's jewelry was from Dulong, the firm seems to have bought ad space in this week's Style Finder to generate revenue to help pay for the free stuff Ms. Dulong and her business partner Anja (Mary's "stylist") keep giving Mary. If the model can't sell the merchandise, time for a new tack, ladies!

Adorable Frex Ex Maria Montell and her husband are out on the town just a few months after the birth of their 3rd child. Cute, gray bolero, even if it is made of fur.

A feature on what to expect for the baptism. There's the church - Holmens Kirke, where Daisy was married and Freddles was christened. Who else feels that these twins are being marketed as the greatest Danish princelings ever? Or is it just that Xian was just so un-able to sell the dynasty?


  1. Another top form, Cece! Way to go!

  2. your comments are dumb and ignorant re:bladder issues causing Mary to stand with her legs pointed in....take a look at maxima's stance sometime and so what...women around the world give birth and have issues with their bladder. To tie it into how Mary is standing is just mind boggling. You and your supporters are displaying great ignorance and do other women a disservice.

    Shame on you.