Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Billed Bladet #4: Marie to the fore!

A heavily photoshopped and make-upped Mary with a perturbed smile on her face even as the headline says that the twins are thriving. Of course they are! They are now eating a full and balanced diet with the nannies clandestinely playing wet nurse to the wee ones so that they get their required nutrients. Mary's juice is mostly watered down bile and stress hormones!

Joachim and Marie were representing Denmark recently in Lyon, France for an international foodie competition in which the Danish chef won, conveniently enough! What a delight to see Marie quaffing wine and sampling yummy delicacies like foie gras and other fatty delights. Mary is prisoner to her water bottle and celery stick. Mary knows that one bite of salty, fat-laden foie gras and she bloats to the size of a regular sized woman. Can't have thatty! Joachim is quoted as saying that he and Marie have now visited the twins many times. BB PR department to the rescue!

I don't believe that Mary with or without Fred and kids has ever merited the full two page photie. Wow. What a cute shot of this chic and active young family!

FREEBIES!!!!!!! Mary and Fred get a double wide pram in the chic colours that Marie and Joachim have for lille Henrik, not the Nanny MacGillacuddy black that Mary thought was apropriate to signal to the British queen. BB gave the couple a photo album of their exit from hospital to haunt Mary for the rest of her life as she looks back on her normal size, full face, frightening makeup and nasty looks to occasional members of the press (who the hell asked that Queensland flood question!?). Mink sleeping bag type thinggies and ecological sheets were also given to the ungrateful duo. Izzy was given her own mink twins carrier with two dolls. And a grandmother in Graasten knitted the second blanket that the twin girl was wrapped in. BB continues to insinuate the lie that Mary's mother knitted the first blankie. Raise your hand if you think Mary will ever get around to writing thank you notes!

Marie gets the nod for Royal Dress of the Week when she was in Lyon, France to congratulate the winning Danish laureate in the cooking contest. That jacket could be better tailored, but that dress underneath we all remember quite well from its debut after lille Henrik was born. Va-va-va-voom!

Alex was recently in the town of Randers on behalf of UNESCO. Nice to see her continuing important work! All of Joachim's wives have been graced with solid, meaningful, internationally important work through one branch or another of the United Nations. Speaks to their multilingualism and comfort on a grand scale!

Mary: "Your turn to change them." (Subtext: Mary makes Fred do all the work around the house.)
Marie: "Put down the cheeseburger and enjoy the city." (Subtext: Marie is interested in her surroundings and lives in the moment.)

The Norwegian royals released new official photos and don't they all look great! Especially Mette Marit who has blossomed as the wife of a caring and attentive man. Just one more striking contrast to The Mary Story: MM is Dorian Gray to Mary's Progeria patient!

Princess Madeleine and her new boyfriend Christopher O'Neill. Chris is the son of socialite and former Prince Charles flame Eva O'Neill. Lucky Madde to find one of the few NY bachelors to still light up with. Poor Mary. She wouldn't even luck out with an independently wealthy bloke like this even on the second shot at marriage with the title, no custody of the kiddos and possibly a little pot of money.

Oscar Siesbye took his son (the redhead) and two nephews out for a night at the movies. Nice, thoughtful uncle! Oscar and his wife Britt accompanied Marie and Joachim on their New Year's holiday in Miami.

Lovely Vickan sparking pregnancy rumours on a visit to the United Arab Emirates.


  1. Thanks Cece. Great to see the Schacks delivering impeccable royal service to their hosts. That Bon-Bon has scrubbed up well - her sunny personality is tres charmant. Jokke picked well.

    from Jusaca

  2. Great to see you, Jusaca! Indeed, Team Schackenborg is attractive and ready to serve! The brighter they shine, however, the duller More-y Antoinette and Derf appear!

  3. why is royal dish down?